BEN & JOEfoundersSuper Sick Records was formed in the summer of 2014 by Ben and Joe Brewer. The musicians had been working on a vehicle to release the new EP they'd just finished with their own band. During one particularly coffee-fuelled discussion of their release plans, it occurred to the brothers that the unique combination of their studio facilities, combined experience and willingness to put themselves out there for other artists meant that Super Sick Records could be something that would work well not just for themselves, but for other musicians too. In SSR they built a system that worked based around a simple idea: bands would pay nothing, keep their rights and owe nothing, while fans would be directly supporting the artists in a meaningful way. Although the label has evolved and gone from strength to strength, that core idea has stayed at the heart of how Super Sick Records works today.                THE FOCUSIS ONCREATIVITYRATHER THANCASHING IN[JOE BREWER] Bands and musicians that work with Super Sick Records don't pay anything to produce, record, or distribute their EP. They don't sign over any intellectual rights to songs or their image; they don't commit to having to make more releases and they don't have to promise to hit CD sales targets. What they do do is take 100% of profits from label sales of their music and get heard by hundreds of music fans (as well as getting involved with a load of other cool label stuff). Members pay £3 a month to be part of it all and not only receive a brand new EP every single month, but also get merch, event tickets and special one-off releases. The overwhelming majority of members stick around, but nevertheless there are no commitments, contracts or minimum membership periods. Members can come and go as they please, if that's what they want. Ben and Joe have built the label around the idea that it should work fairly for everyone involved, even when that means doing things differently than the crowd. So far, it's worked out well.